Waiting List Validation

The validation of waiting lists is a process whereby the accuracy of waiting lists is checked by asking patients whether they still require their procedure.

The National Centralised Validation Unit (NCVU) was established in the National Treatment Purchase Fund in September 2018. The purpose of the unit is to work in conjunction with hospitals to validate waiting lists using a streamlined and standardised process.

Checking the accuracy of waiting lists on an ongoing basis is an important part of waiting list management as it will improve patient waiting times by:

  • Identifying patients on waiting lists who are ready to proceed with hospital care
  • Reducing the number of patients who do not attend for their appointment
  • Allowing hospitals to better manage waiting lists by improving data accuracy

Please see attached short video which explains how the validation process will work:

The process, developed by the NTPF, DoH and HSE in consultation with stakeholders and experts will see patients receiving a letter from their hospital, asking them to return the letter in the freepost envelope supplied, indicating whether they still require their procedure.

Those patients who still require a procedure will remain on the waiting list. Those who respond that they no longer require the procedure will be removed from the waiting list in accordance with the National Inpatient Day Case Plan Procedure (IDPP) Protocol. Where no response is received within two weeks, a reminder letter is sent and if there is no response within a further two weeks, the patient and the patients GP will receive a letter advising that the patient has been removed from the waiting list. If the patient or GP considers the procedure is still required, the patient will be reinstated, maintaining their original place on the list.

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