National Waiting List Data

The NTPF currently collects and collates information in respect of the Inpatient, Day Case, Planned Procedure (IDPP*) and Outpatient (OP) Waiting Lists.

We publish numbers in the following categories:

  • Patients waiting for an appointment date for their treatment are categorised as 'Active'.
  • Patients who have a scheduled appointment date for their treatment are categorised as 'TCI', or 'To Come In'.
  • Patients suspended because they are temporarily unfit or unable to attend due to clinical or personal/social reasons are categorised as 'Suspension'. The Suspension category is also used where patients are being processed through various Insourcing or Outsourcing Initiatives.

The Planned Procedure list comprises those patients who have had treatment and require additional treatment at a future date (e.g. a patient who has had a scope may require surveillance monitoring scopes in the future). Patients on the Planned Procedure list are assigned indicative dates for treatment. These indicative dates are determined by the clinician and treatment before these dates would not be appropriate.

* For more information please see the National IDPP Waiting List Management Protocol

The Outpatient Waiting List includes patients with a scheduled appointment date for their consultation, and those awaiting an appointment date.

Numbers are published here each month and cover the period Dec 2014 to date.

 Inpatient/Daycase Waiting List

Inpatient/Day Case Active

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Inpatient/Day Case Appointments - To Come In (TCI)

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Inpatient/Day Case Suspensions

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 Planned Procedure List

Planned Procedures List

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Planned Procedure Suspensions

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 Outpatient Waiting List


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Outpatient Suspensions

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