Saolta Hospital Group pilot project

The National Treatment Purchase Fund / Saolta Hospital Group - pilot project

The National Treatment Purchase Fund in conjunction with Saolta Hospital Group are conducting a pilot project whereby NTPF call representatives are calling patients who have previously rejected an Outpatient offer letter for an appointment in a private hospital in favour of remaining on their public hospital Waiting List. Patients who fall into this category can expect to receive a call from any of the following phone numbers: 01-6427178, 01-6427188, 01-6427189. If you miss a call from one of these numbers and wish to discuss this offer, please call back between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and we will be happy to discuss this offer with you.

About the Project:

The function of the NTPF Commissioning team is to arrange for the provision of hospital treatment to classes of persons determined by the Minister.

In line with this function, the NTPF outsources the longest waiting patients on an outpatient waiting list to a private hospital by sending a letter to patients with offer details.

Patients can accept the offer, reject the offer and remain on the waiting list or indicate they no longer need an appointment and wish to be removed from the waiting list.

This pilot project aims to:

  • Work with Saolta hospitals to help action their waiting lists.
  • Give long-waiting patients on the Outpatient Waiting List an option to avail of treatment quicker.
  • Give patients the opportunity to discuss their Outpatient offer in more detail.
  • Discuss the possibility of a transport option for this cohort of patients.